Solar Rodent Repellent

Solar powdered rodent repeller fights off the harmful rodents by using sound and vibration. Solar powdered rodent repeller are very effective in driving underground rodents by emitting sound waves. Sound waves will irritate them, simulate dangers, and expel them within the radiation area. The solar powdered rodent repellent emits sound waves every 40 seconds or so and is effective within 650 square meters. It emits radiation in all directions without any hindrance, allowing sound and vibration emissions to be free. In order to make the best use of the product, it is recommended to install a repellent at every 30 meters.

Besides, the solar powdered rodent repeller battery is a solar rechargeable battery that can supply enough power at night when the battery is fully charged, thus ensuring continuous operation throughout the night.

Check the ground before use. Frozen soil, ground flood irrigation is not suitable for use. Dig a pit and put the repeller into it. The density of the soil will greatly affect the effectiveness of the device. The denser the soil, the higher the repellency effect.
Do not use a hammer when installing.
No need to install hard, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.
Installation method:
Connect the two cables together and tighten.
fixe the rod and the top together.
Insert the grounding rod, be careful not to use excessive force to avoid damage or collision.
The bottom of the top should be exposed to the outside, ensuring that water does not enter the standard line depending on the terrain.
Before the first use, it is best to expose the solar panel for two days, then connect the cable and then insert the land, which will have a better effect.