Solar Powered Snake Repellent

The solar powered snake repellent is effective in preventing snake damage by transmitting ultrasonic vibrations to affect the sensitive hearing of underground rodents. Ultrasound will deceive them and make them feel dangerous, forcing them to leave the vibrating area. The solar powered snake repellent ultrasonic is divided into five frequency files, that is, 30 seconds, 35 seconds, 40 seconds, 45 seconds, and 50 seconds. Each time, the Di.Di sound of 4 seconds occurs, and the cycle is repeated. Besides, The  snake repellent LED light is automatically turned off when the solar panel is charged or when there is light; the LED light is automatically turned on when the solar panel is not charged or at night. After the LED is turned on, it is divided into two modes: constant light and blinking (30 minutes each time).

The working principle of the solar powered snake repellent:

Collect the unique information (smell, sound, infrared projector, etc.) of the snake at close range and communicate it to the microprocessor.
Make a judgment and measure distance.
Use an interrupt to make an eagle scream or emit a rich aromatic smell to remind people to have a snake at close range.
Collect the unique information of the snake again to ensure your safety.

The factors of snake fearing:

Snakes are afraid of bad weather. In case of bad weather, the snake will escape from the hole.
Snakes are afraid of natural enemies, including people.
Snakes are afraid of substances with pungent odors, especially chemicals, such as alcohol, tobacco, realgar, sulfur and so on.
Snakes are afraid of fire, smoke, etc.
Snakes are afraid of vinegar. When the day is hot, the snakes appear frequently. Experts say that snakes are extremely sensitive to odors, and they are even more savory for sour vinegar.