Plug in Mosuqito Repellent

As a pest measuring and reporting tool, the plug in mosquito repeller has been widely used at home and abroad, with many years of history. The earliest foreign collection of insects was carried out with paraffin and acetylene lamps, which were widely used together with ultraviolet lamps. There are many types of light traps, and general light sources can be used. At present, there are many light traps, such as fluorescent lamps, black light lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps, energy-saving lamps, double-wave lamps, frequency vibration lamps, and solar lamps. And many scientists and technicians have evaluated the effectiveness of different types of light traps, which provides a basis for the rational use of light traps.

Light trapping pests does not pollute the environment, and the ecological benefits are significant. Application of light to control pests is a physical control, no need to use any pesticides.

The advantage of plug in mosquito repeller:
First, the plug in mosquito lamp control technology is harmless, which overcomes the drawbacks of the disadvantages of chemical control on agricultural products, soil, water and air. At the same time, it eliminates the resistance caused by chemical control, protects natural enemies and maintains ecological balance. Secondly, the light trap method is simple and easy for farmers to accept. Furthermore, the light traps adapt to the needs of the development of the situation. With the change of domestic consumption concept, people's requirements for the quality of agricultural products are getting higher and higher, and physical control is one of the effective ways for China to carry out green food and pollution-free production in the future. Especially China has joined the WTO, and only chooses pollution-free prevention methods. The agricultural products produced meet the requirements of international standards, and agricultural production can be in line with the world. Fourth, the light trap is the direction to control pests in the future. With the increase in the use of chemical pesticides, its environmental pollution and health threats are increasing, especially the use of highly toxic and high-residue pesticides has been gradually restricted and banned. Environmentally friendly and good physical control methods will be one of the effective ways to control pests in the future.