Gopher Repeller

Tiny, velvety, almost completely blind, gopher are among the most secretive garden creatures. You might live with one for years and never see it. But you'll notice what it's been up to. Gopher live underground, tunneling in search of earthworms to eat. Their habit of throwing up excess soil onto the surface of a lawn as molehills is maddening enough, but their tunnels also undermine the lawn's surface, and moles can disturb roots of young plants as they move around. To get rid of this kind of annoying garden or lawn's destroyer, we would do everything we can to solved mole problems. But gopher controls aren't always very pleasant. For example, tablets containing aluminium phosphide are sometimes placed in mole tunnels where they turn into phosphine gas, poisoning the creatures.

Take it easy! Aosion offer eco-friendly way, Aosion's mole repeller would be your good choice. Aosion's gopher repeller drives away the gopher by vibration or sound wave. The devices emitting a sonic pulse which gopher feel as a vibration transmitted through the ground. Then gopher perceives a danger zone causing them to evacuate the area.  It can cover an area of 650 m², works efficient and safe.   Our gopher repellers are the most humane and environmentally friendly way of keeping gardens and lawns free of destructive moles and voles.