Fox Repeller

Fox, a clever animal which have flexible ears that accurately position the sound and they and sensitive to smell. They live in forest and grassland, prefer to eat small animals, such as chicken, rabbit, fish, shrimp etc.   Fox repeller is a kind of product which can be used in the garden or pond to repel fox away from the protected area.

Aosion' fox repeller take advantage of "bionics" to intimidate and drive fox away by launching high-powered ultrasound, alerting and igniting them. When a passive PIR sensor detects motion, it triggers the ultrasonic speaker to emit high-frequency noise that makes the animal feel uncomfortable, but does not affect humans or pets. This type of device is the premise of not affecting human beings to achieve the effect of driving the fox, and it does not harm the animals themselves. It only use high-frequency sound waves to achieve the purpose of driving them away.

Find high efficiency battery powered fox repellent, solar fox repellent, ultrasonic fox repellent from professional animal repeller manufacturer Aosion.