Fly Repeller

Fly repeller can help you reduce the nuisance of flies in a simple and effective way. Sometimes you may feel these flies everywhere, they come into your home,  seemingly out of nowhere and invade your kitchen. Probably most maddening of all is that they keep making humming when they fly,  it seems that you can never catch them! Of course, they always bring bacteria and viruses into your home.

Aosion's fly repeller offer a safe way of getting rid of flies when compared to sticky traps and other chemicals that are potentially hazardous when children and pets are present. You just need to plug in, then it can emit ultrasonic that is in-audible to the human ear and safe to use around children and pet. The fly repeller can cause distress in fly as they target the nervous system of fly and make them feel discomfort to drive them out of your home, kitchen, office, restaurant...

Choose Aosion's fly repeller to create a clean and comfortable environment for your lovely home.